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About Jodi

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My Story:

Hello!  I'm Jodi Till.  I'm a wife, mother of two, a court reporter by day, and a Cookier by night (and weekends.) 

     I grew up baking cookies with my grandma, aunt, and mom, which ended up being my most cherished childhood family memory.  We always made the fancy Christmas cookies, but we never thought of doing them outside of the Christmas holiday.  The thought of making 12 dozen cookies more than once a year wasn't even an intelligent thought in my mind!

     In 2014, my sister wanted me to make some Royal Icing Decorated Sugar Cookies for her son's 1st birthday.  Once I did that, I never ended up stopping from making dozens upon dozens upon dozens of cookies.

     With that year being a fresh empty nester and seeing how expensive it was to keep two kids in college, I opened up a Facebook page so friends could find me and I could make a little money to help my kids.  I slapped on the name "Kids to College Cookie Creations," and soon it had to become a full-fledged licensed bakery.

     Now that my kids have graduated, I changed my business name to "The Floured Canvas" and started concentrating my time teaching others how to pass on the cherished memories of baking and decorating cookies together.  I love opening up my home to teach cookie classes several times a month to those who can get to Sacramento, California, and I also offer online classes for those who are far away or just like to decorate in the comfort of their own home.

A couple times a year I will travel to different states, as well.  Right now, I don't take any cookie orders.  

     I've been honored to be able to be a Core Instructor, Judge, and Add-On Instructor at

CookieCon -- the largest cookie convention in the world, have won many awards in this new phenomenon of "cookie art,"  and I design many cookie cutters for this very sweet cookie-ing world.

     Thanks so much for visiting me!

                           Go bake life sweet!

                           Jodi Till


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