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A Hallmark Country Christmas Online Cookie Decorating Class #29

     Come delve into the classic holiday Hallmark Christmas spirit as we journey to the Christmas Tree Farm.  We will jump into a classic hallmark-style cookie story along with mistletoe and that big, fat red bow on top. This is a beginner-friendly prerecorded video that you can watch and rewatch indefinitely and make your cookies right along with me, working at your own pace.  Just put me on pause until you finished each section, and resume the video.  Closed captioning is available as well.



     In this 1 hour, 15 minute pre-recorded video, I’ll be going over the basics of flooding, piping, and creating puffy cookies, along with making Royal icing transfers right along with me.  As a BONUS, I’ll show you how to make cute squatty 4” SUV cookie cars that reflect today’s big family cars out of one 3.5” truck cutter!  We also work through popping bubbles, bulging barriers, working with sprinkles, transfers, and flash dusts, adding snow flocking and texture, combating denting and cratering, and the order of making this set in order to complete them as quickly as we can.


     AND as another added BONUS, there’s an option to go further with creating those familiar personalized face ornaments -- in cookie form -- to give as one-of-a-kind gifts.  I'll show you how to make the faces, waving hands, and different hairstyles and skintone colors.


     It's Christmas!  Let's add another BONUS!  I've added a Bonus Page of Pictures of Delivery Trucks with their Logos for inspiration to make your local UPS, Amazon, FedEx, or USPS delivery driver their own personalized ornament cookie.  It's better to butter up your shipment deliverer for smooth future deliveries!



     You will receive a 10-page pdf with Icing Transfer Templates (plus a few bonuses for making the accessories), You will also get a Bonus Page of Pictures of Delivery Trucks with their Logos to make transfers with.   You'll also receive Tips on Achieving the Right Icing Consistencies and the Colors I use for this class, how to Achieve different Skintone Colors,  a Supplies List with Quicklinks for making your edible art a success, a Quick Index so you can jump right to a certain spot in the video, and the Cookie Designs, Cookie Templates and Graphics, and Projector Design Outlines.  You'll also receive a Personal Link to watch the video through a free platform called Vimeo at your leisure and as many times as you want for as long as you want.


*Be sure to print off the pdf document link or save the pdf to your computer file.  It will come in your confirmation download with your confirmation (and the same pdf comes with your follow-up e-mail.) Unfortunately, the website automatically erases both after one month, and that's where your password and handouts are located!  That way you can always access the video through a push of a button.


 Jump on over to to get this cookie cutter set bundle! (Use the search box for “Hallmark” to take you right there.) Periwinkles was so sweet to even throw in a 15% off DISCOUNT code for you all. Use code: HALLMARK15.  This information and a quicklink to the website is also in the pdf.



     You will want to watch the first 4 minutes of the video before you make your cookies and icing.  You will have to have the cookies and icing premade before we start the decorating process.

      In this class I do not give out my cookie recipe or icing recipe. I feel those are processes with a lot of information and deserve their own class.  They are found on my Royal Icing Foundations Course and Cookie Dough Foundations Course, or you can use your own recipes.  


Thank you for supporting my small business!  Go bake life sweet!

A Hallmark Country Christmas Online Cookie Decorating Class #29

  •      By clicking to buy this online class, you are consenting to not share this video outside of your immediate household family members.  It may not be reproduced, redistributed, or used in a group setting, except through purchasing the Teaching Classes Rate. 

         The Teaching Classes Rate is 3 x the class fee.  If you purchase the Teaching Classes Rate, you may copy off all pdf papers and photos and even use my video to teach your class, or you can use it to teach the same material yourself.  All credit and logos must stay on.  Email me for more information.  Thanks!                                                                                                       

         Feel free to duplicate the cookies and techniques, but the techniques, recipes, designs, and teaching are the intellectual property of The Floured Canvas, unless otherwise noted.  You are not to make your own little video tutorial on how to make these cookies.  Violations of any of these terms may result in loss of access to this class and future classes without a refund and possibly legal action.  

         All sales are final.  Since this is an instant digitial class, no refunds will be given.

  •      Vimeo touts itself as "the highest quality video host known," it's simple to use, you don't have to worry about how to download or clog up your computer data with a download, you can watch it right away (even from a smart TV!), and it will always be there for you with the individual password that you will receive.  It also has a posting section so that members of this class can post comments, questions, or just to chat!

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