Mixed Flower Handcut Template

     Set of 4 Mixed Flower Template Designs.

     I've been getting a lot of you asking for my cut-out design of the flowers to go with the online classes.  Well, they are here!  If you don't need to make a lot of flowers and would just like to practice with my online class, want to save a little money, or can't wait around for your cutters to arrive, you can purchase these cut-out designs.  

     These are intellectually copyrighted and may not be used to sell cookie cutters as your own, but you may use them to make and sell your cookies!

     I use the Penblade knives (found on my Amazon Storefront (link in top right-hand corner of this website) to easily cut my dough.  Use these templates with paper, cardstock, or clear plastic (such as stencil sheets) for an easy template, cut them out on the lines, place on top of your dough, and cut the dough out.  Cutting works real well when the dough is partially frozen. 

     You can print out as many as you want, for as long as you want.  Even print an extra sheet to sketch out your designs on!  Easy peasy so you can go on "Baking Life Sweeter."

     WHAT YOU WILL RECEIVE:  An instant download of the 2-page pdf of 4 flowers true to size:  the daisy, gerbera, iris, and lavender.  Many cutters can make other flowers too.  For instance, the iris can also double as a daffodill.  You will also receive a follow-up email of the same download.  It is very important that you print these pages so that you will have an original.  The website automatically erases their attachment after a month even if you save the email -- of which I have no control over.



Mixed Flower Handcut Template


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