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The Floured Canvas Cookie Candy Recipes Online Class #21

     Finally, we have an edible, moldable clay that tastes great and is designed specifically for cookies!  The Floured Canvas Cookie Candy is a roll-out and shapeable candy that is light and stretchy like Taffy, has a chewy texture like Tootsie Rolls--but not a stick-to-your-teeth chewy--and has a burst of differing flavors like Starbursts but in cookie-pleasing flavors like: 

          Cookies 'n Cream

          Peanut Butter and Chocolate (using real peanut butter)

          Nutella (using real Nutella)

          Caramel (using real caramel candies)

          Strawberries 'n Cream

          Raspberries 'n Chocolate  (using real cocoa)

          Mint Chocolate Chip

          Chocolate Peppermint

          Butter Pecan

          ... and many more.

          Only this ONE "recipes class" is all that's needed to make over 20 different flavors!  I show you the formula, whether you're using extracts, powders, syrups, creams, chews, or oils for your flavorings.  So, basically, the sky is the limit!


     What's more, it's EASY to make.  It doesn't take a stove, a candy thermometer, no sifting involved, or hours out of your day.  In fact, it only takes 10 minutes and the use of a microwave!

     Cookie Candy is real candy.  Use all the great molds out there and package to sell as a bag of cool-looking candy, or give a bag of one-of-a-kind candy treats to your kids/grandkids.

     Come learn to make some of my favorite recipes, and gain confidence to explore a myriad of other flavors.


WHAT IS INCLUDED:  This class is 52 minutes and is jam packed with information.  I go through using the candy in molds, dusting with food color dusts, and an example of how it paints using gold.  Also included is a technique for making puffy heart candies and a stuffed puffy heart dipped cookie.  You'll get a close up and personal view of making many of the different types of recipes, along with a 7-page pdf with my favorite combinations, a Q & A, a Supplies Quick Link, and a video Table of Contents,  You'll also receive a personal link to watch the video through Vimeo at your leisure and as many times as you want for as long as you want.


*Be sure to print off the 7-page pdf document link that comes immediatelyt in your Thank-you confirmation pop-up (and the same pdf comes with a follow-up e-mail.  Be sure to note which e-mail you are sending it too.  Sometimes it defaults to your PayPal e-mail if you pay that way.) Unfortunately, the website automatically erases both after one month, and that's where your password and handouts are located.


NOTE: This class is just the digital recipes class with a 7-page pdf printout.  You will have to supply your own ingredients.


Thank you so much for all your support of my small business!

The Floured Canvas Cookie Candy Recipes Online Class #21

  •      By clicking to buy this online class, you are consenting to not share this video outside of your immediate household family members.  It may not be reproduced, redistributed, or used in a group setting.         

         Feel free to duplicate the cookies and techniques, but the techniques, recipes, and teaching are the intellectual property of The Floured Canvas, unless otherwise noted.  You are not to make your own little video tutorial on how to make these cookies or recipes.  Violations of any of these terms may result in loss of access to this class and future classes without a refund and possibly legal action.  All sales are final.  Since this is an instant digitial class, no refunds will be given.

  •      Vimeo touts itself as "the highest quality video host known," it's simple to use, you don't have to worry about how to download or clog up your computer data with a download, you can watch it right away (even from a smart TV!), and it will always be there for you with the individual password that you will receive.  It also has a posting section so that members of this class can post comments, questions, or just to chat!

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