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Winnie the Pooh Cookie Decorating Online Class #13

     Classic Winnie the Pooh is just that -- "Classic."  Couple that with these classic colors, and you have baby shower or birthday cookies that are perfectly pleasing to the eyes.   In this class we'll be making 1 DOZEN different cookies!  This is a 1-hour-46-minute pre-recorded video and is packed with information and techniques that a beginner will enjoy as well as an intermediate.  I also tried to use staple "baby" cutters you most likely already have. ( The pdf and beginning video go through the different cutters you can use.)   

     WHAT IS TAUGHT:  In this pre-recorded video you will learn colors & icing consistencies for making these cookies; how I bag my icing; shape-shifting some of the staple cutters you probably already have; the order of making them to complete them as quickly and efficiently as we can; achieving the puffy look on your icing; making the icing transfer appliqué look; piping and tricks for dimension and contour2 different projection methods (the expensive and the cheap);  airbrushing basics and making the vintage look; a TRICK to avoiding the jerky blasts with the airbrush and instead obtain a smooth, consistent, and light spray; easy watercolor painting on your designs; and I also show you some different designs and supplies so you can choose what you like best.

     You do not need an airbrush system for this class.  I give you a template for the honeycomb look on the rattle to trace with a food marker pen, and the 4th picture above shows the completed cookies without airbrushing the vintage look.  We do use airbrush colors to paint, but just the gel colors you use to color your icing will also do! 

     WHAT IS INCLUDED:  You will receive a 9-page pdf paper with Pictures of these cookies and Templates for transferring the designs and writing, Tips on Achieving the Right Icing Consistencies for this class, Cutter Templates only on cookies I shape-shifted or made; a Supplies List and Cutter Company Links for making your edible art a success, a Video Index so you can jump right to the spot you need, and a personal link to watch the Video through Vimeo at your leisure and as many times as you want for as long as you want. 

     *Be sure to save the pdf file on your computer or print off the pdf document link that comes with your confirmation (and the same pdf comes with your follow-up e-mail.)  Unfortunately, the website automatically erases both after one month, even if you save the email, and that's where your password and handouts are located!

     NOTE:  This class does not give out my cookie recipe or icing recipe.  Those are found on my Royal Icing Foundations Course and Cookie Dough Foundations Course.  

Winnie the Pooh Cookie Decorating Online Class #13

  •      By clicking to buy this online class, you are consenting to not share this video outside of your immediate household family members.  It may not be reproduced, redistributed, or used in a group setting.   This class is not available for the Teaching Classes Rate.

      Feel free to duplicate the cookies and techniques, but the techniques, recipes, and teaching are the intellectual property of The Floured Canvas, unless otherwise noted.  You are NOT to make your own little video tutorial on how to make these cookies.  Violations of any of these terms may result in loss of access to this class and future classes without a refund and possibly legal action.  All sales are final.  Since this is an instant digitial class, no refunds will be given.

  •      Vimeo touts itself as "the highest quality video host known," it's simple to use, you don't have to worry about how to download or clog up your computer data with a download, you can watch it right away (even from a smart TV!), and it will always be there for you with the individual password that you will receive.  It also has a posting section so that members of this class can post comments, questions, or just to chat!

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